Log house construction

Authentic log homes – the perfect solution for your property in Nova Scotia

Many of our Canadian island and lakeside properties already come with planning permission and lend themselves perfectly to the construction of a log cabin.

Strong, warm and surprisingly energy efficient, authentic log homes are the perfect solution when it comes to developing your private island or lakeside real estate in Nova Scotia.

During the course of the past 40+ years, our bilingual team in Halifax has amassed a wealth of know-how and connections to help you realize your dream of a cosy Canadian log cabin. Vladi Private Islands is on hand to supervise the entire construction process – from the design right through to the final handover. Contact us for further information.

What is needed? 

1. A reliable contact person on site. On request, VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS Ltd. could take over the bid solicitation, the supervision of the house construction and the management of the finances through trust accounts. We are happy to share our experiences further and can provide references if desired. 

2. Disregard your own building experiences in Europe.

3. It is easy to convert your own plans and creative ideas. Take a look at the ideas of others here too. It is no problem to alter the plans of prefab houses. Should you decide to rent out your log home, e.g. through our travel department, then it would be wise to plan the house with two bedrooms and a verandah – just ask us!  

4. Choose between a natural log home, a prefabricated log home or a traditional wooden-framed log home.

5. Decide on the type(s) of wood, with which you easily live. Red cedar, white cedar, pine and for the completion of the interior, oak, maple, birch and beech (e.g. solid maple parquet flooring for the hardwood floors …). We will give you tips and show you examples. 

6. Choose between a full cellar and part cellar, and whether it is to be erected using concrete posts or waterproofed timber posts, in accordance to the terrain, usage and budget. 

7. Equity capital: Your log home should ideally be paid for using your own resources. Some log home construction companies will only finance the construction kit. 

8. Decide on the access road and the ideal building site on your property. Take note that electricity and telephone are located at the road and 90 meters of electricity cable is for free!

9. The property should be certified for construction in advance. In general, the site must be checked for a waste water system by an engineer before the construction can be registered. A building permit is then granted with a corresponding proposal. 

10. Determine the positioning of your driveway. A curved access drive enhances every homecoming! 

11. Decide on your sanitary water and drinking water:   
a) directly out of the lake via a carbon filter (the most affordable solution for waterfront properties)
b) water tank with a water catchment tray
c) well which has been dug
d) well which has been drilled (recommended however expensive)

12. The establishment of a heat source: a wood-burning stove with glass window radiates coziness. This can also be integrated into a wood stove cladding. Brick-built fireplaces are attractive but expensive. Electrical converter skirting board heating cost approx. CAD 50 per meter and with a thermostat are also practical for frost protection. 

13. Time: please allow anywhere between 3 – 12 months before handing over the keys but have a look at the house during construction (it is not a must but it is then possible to make any changes, albeit at an extra cost!).

Log homes in various shapes and sizes and the range is extensive. Vladi Private Islands are more than happy to offer advice. During the initial inspection of the property, we will also show you different types of log homes. Individual ideas and suggestions can then be made-to-measure. 




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