Property development

Qualified development projects

The availability of land lots in Canada is quite high, however only few development projects fulfill the essential quality attributes – conditions for appreciation of value and local resale potential. 

Building lots at beautiful lakefront locations in Canada are still very reasonably priced – in a country which, according to many studies, offers the very best of future prospects (including foodstuff, natural and water resources, healthy environment, political and social stability). In addition, in the next 20 years, the market for property lots is set to develop further in a positive way. 

Whenever you wish to purchase a property lot in Canada, there are many requirements to examine to ensure that not only you will own an unencumbered property but also a property which is connected to an infrastructure adding to the long-term value of the acquired piece of land.

There are many properties on offer in Canada, at times also for extremely low prices. Canada is a huge country and as with anywhere, there are also here places with better soil than others, areas where the climate is better than others, areas of forest affected by pesticides or bark beetles. To comply with the new land registry regulations, all property lots must be recorded in the Registry of Deeds. As in Germany, the new Registry of Deeds has “public credence” and is therefore state-guaranteed. To avoid any rude awakenings, we recommend a checklist, which you should go through with our specialists for each property.




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