Purchase of land

First steps to owning a property for your children and grandchildren
During the installment payment phase, the trustee of the entitled child can decide to develop the property and already use it.

Would you like to make a financial provision with a preservation of assets and value growth potential for your children or grandchildren? And would you like to already convey a beautiful property in Canada to them? We take the liberty to introduce you to our real estate savings concept. 

Our concept offers the parents, grandparents and relatives a simple introduction to owning a property and highlights affordable monthly rates. Once the closing has taken place and the deposit has been made, the right of disposal is granted to the parents and the minor profits from the performance of the property. Once the child is of legal age, which is 19 years in Canada, your child will have the exclusive right of disposal. Once the savings period has lapsed and the child has come of legal age, he/she will be looking at a considerable appreciation of value of the property as well as a high measure of preservation of assets.




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